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    Fraudsters want your money. Don't give them what they want. Learn about the most common scams in Canada.

    Fraudsters want your money, and they will use a variety of scams to get their hands on it. They prey on our human desire to help and connect with family and friends to get at your money. Fraudsters use professional marketing materials to get your attention by mail, and well-crafted and researched telephone scripts to sound legitimate on the phone. They may even hack into your friend's accounts to send you a request for money without your friends being aware.

    Be wary of any offers of large payment in exchange for the use of your financial account, and never pay in advance for services not yet received. Taking money with a promise to return or forward part often results in the entire payment being fraudulent and you'll be out the entire amount. Be wary and trust your instincts at all times.

    Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre

    There are many known scams, pitches and fraud types, including variations thereof, with new ones invented daily. Browse the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre for a list and description of common ones. Also refer to the Little Black Book of Scams for further tips.