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    woman paying with a debit card

    Protecting You from Fraud

    What Libro is Doing

    Chip Technology

    Since 2010 ATMs, Point of Sale Terminals and all debit and credit cards have been converted from magnetic stripe to chip technology. Chip cards offer increased protection against counterfeiting, identity theft and fraud, as the information contained in the chip is nearly impossible to duplicate.

    Chip cards will continue to carry the magnetic stripe along with the chip to allow cardholders to use their debit cards in other countries that do not use chip technology.

    Your Libro chip debit card allows you to pay at more stores internationally, including the U.S. Libro debit cards are on the Interac® network in Canada and the Cirrus network worldwide.

    Security Features for Libro ATMs

    Libro is committed to protecting our Owners from debit card fraud. Card readers have been installed on our ATMs. These card readers, called Fraud Device Inhibitors (FDI), deter fraudsters from planting skimming devices on our ATMs and capturing card information from our Owners. The FDI’s will not affect the way you use the ATM but will heighten security and privacy protection.

    Please remember: if an ATM card reader looks suspicious, please do not use it and contact the branch immediately.

    Enhanced Security for online banking

    Enhanced Security further protects you from fraudulent websites. Setting up a personalized image and a unique caption helps identify the account as yours when you log in, and selecting three security questions verifies you are the account holder.

    By registering your personal computer as “trusted” or “secure”, you are able to skip over the additional security questions when logging in from this specific computer.

    Enhanced Security is required to use Interac’s e-Transfer service.

    Learn more about Enhanced Security

    What You Need to Do

    Debit Card Security

    Take precautions to keep your debit card information secure:

    • Choose a unique PIN that is difficult for others to guess, but easy for you to remember.
    • Memorize your PIN – do not write it down or store it anywhere.
    • Do not share your PIN with anyone.
    • Shield your PIN during every transaction.
    • If someone is watching you enter your PIN or you feel uncomfortable during a transaction, cancel the transaction.
    • If your debit card is lost or stolen, call Libro immediately at 1-800-361-8222 to cancel your card.

    Password Security

    Create strong passwords. Passwords are your first line of defense against fraud and a strong password will help protect your computer from hackers and malicious software.

    • Combine uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and symbols.
    • Use more than the minimum number of characters required.
    • Change your password regularly.
    • Don’t use something easily guessed, like your birthdate or your mother’s name.

    Learn more about creating strong passwords from Microsoft