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    Do you believe a mortgage expert who cares can make a difference?

    Mortgage experts who care help you stay within your budget instead of pushing you to the limit. They’re as interested in your mortgage freedom as you are. They help you save start to finish instead of just dangling interest rates to lure you in. And they help you evolve your mortgage to fit your lifestyle rain or shine.

    Libro Coaches are experts and they care. You get more savings, financial control and a way better sleep as a result. A Libro Coach can help you prosper here.


    Whether it’s your first home or your last, experience the difference and the savings Libro Mortgage Coaching makes in your life.

    Get pre-approved

    Mortgage Rates

    How can a Libro mortgage
    work for you?

    • 20:20 - Prepay up to 20% of your mortgage principal or increase your payments by up to 20% on your anniversary date.
    • Double Up - Double-up your payment on any regular payment day.
    • Move Your Mortgage - Move your Libro mortgage penalty-free when you mortgage your new home with Libro. The current balance and interest rate can move with you.
    • Profit Sharing - We give you back a share of the profits.
    • Rate Protection - 120 days interest rate protection, or six months if you purchase from a builder.
    • Payment Options - Weekly, accelerated-weekly, bi-weekly, accelerated-bi-weekly semi-monthly or monthly payment options.

    Talk to a Coach and learn more about Libro mortgages

    Types of Mortgages

    There are lots of mortgage options, and finding the one that's right for you can be confusing.

    Learn More

    Profit Sharing Calculator

    If your mortgage is with Libro we give you back a share of those profits. No bank does that.

    Learn More


    Saving a down-payment is great practice for owning a home and making regular mortgage payments.

    Learn More

    Reduce Your Costs

    Our mortgage options are more than just “bank talk” - they’re good ideas that we help you understand and use.

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    First Time Homebuyers

    The biggest mistake first-time home buyers make is to purchase a house that stretches them to the max.

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    Mortgage Insurance

    It makes sense to have mortgage insurance especially when you're just starting out.

    Learn More

    Mortgage Transfers

    Transferring your mortgage to Libro from another financial institution is a simple and rewarding process.

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    Additional Resources

    • Your Comfort Zone - To determine how much you can afford, calculate your comfortable monthly payment and then calculate the price of a home.
    • Home Equity Line of Credit - The lowest cost form of borrowing you have available is a home equity line of credit.
    • Real Estate Program - Are you buying a home and don't know where to start? Your Coach can recommend a real estate agent through our referral service.
    • How to Speak Mortgage - We've put together a list of terms you should understand when talking about mortgages.