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    Mortgage Calculator

    Calculate what you could earn
    with a Libro mortgage

    Libro sees a mortgage as an investment in your future, because it’s about building prosperity for your financial well-being. As a co-operative, Libro Owners are eligible to share in the credit union’s profits and this is unique in banking.

    Enter your mortgage amount and follow the prompts to determine how much profit sharing you can earn from your mortgage.

    Talk to a Libro Coach about what the rest of your banking can generate in profit sharing.


    Whether it’s your first home or your last, experience the difference and the savings Libro Mortgage Coaching makes in your life.

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    Mortgage Rates

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    *Calculated based on a profit sharing rate of . Rate is based on a 2 year average and may not reflect the current profit sharing rate. Calculator results are for information purposes only. Contact Libro for more information on profit sharing at Libro Credit Union.