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    First Time Homebuyers

    There may be a difference between an amount you can qualify for, and the amount you can “live” with. Your Libro coach wants to help you buy a house that you will be comfortable in!

    Worry a little bit. Be conservative - understand that buying a home is a risk like any other investment, only with this one you get emotionally attached. And that can blur things.

    When you're buying a first home, a Libro Coach is your best friend. We don't get rewarded for up-selling, we don't earn commissions like mortgage brokers - we simply work for you as part of our owner/Coach relationship. That means the advice we offer is bias-free.

    We want to see everyone own their own home; to be happy in the process and for the entire journey. Start right, stay within your means.

    Use the payment calculator and work with a Coach to find a great price range for your first home (or any home) before you start shopping.

    You'll sleep better - we promise.