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    get another opinionFinancial Planners, Investment Specialists, Coaches - call us what you will, our job is to help you grow your money.

    We're not here to sell you the next best thing, and we're not here to move your money from place to place every six months.

    Libro Coaches help you grow. We believe in prudent investing and staying within your tolerance for risk. We believe in staying the course - but also in adapting as your timelines and needs change.

    Here are a few more qualities of Libro Advice:

    1. We want to see and understand your entire financial picture. Investments don't work in isolation. So focusing on balanced growth and keeping your net worth picture up to date is the right approach for the majority of our owners.
    2. We believe in education, teaching, promoting full transparency - we believe you need to fully understand your plan and the investments in it. Our job is to ensure that's the case.
    3. There are no bad or wrong or insignificant questions. For us or for you. There are only good answers.
    4. Saving comes before investing. Always. If you're not saving and working from even a simple budget, you will not achieve your goals. Our job is to help you save. Compare that to the usual planners and banking solutions.
    5. Our financial plans will be as complete as you allow us to make them. Our Coaches will help you work that plan as if it is their own.
    6. We believe investors come in all ages, shapes and sizes. If you've ever felt like a small fish, maybe you're not swimming in the right pond with the right planner. We want to see everyone own their life.

    What makes Libro different when it comes to advice is the quality of the people who offer it and the rules by which they conduct themselves. We care genuinely for your well-being. Think of it as our Golden Rule.