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    Libro Credit Union's student award program supports youth who demonstrate outstanding commitment to their community while balancing academic success. At Libro we know that by supporting these young leaders everyone wins.

    graphic for student awards

    2016 Libro Student Award Recipients

    The following individuals were selected as the 2016 Libro Student Award Recipients for demonstrating outstanding leadership, commitment and service in their local communities through volunteerism, while balancing an outstanding level of academic performance.

    Check back spring 2017 for the next application period.

    Cole Anderson

    As both a student and a young leader in my community, I strive to excel in my studies while seeking out a plethora of leadership opportunities that allow me to give back to my community and improve my leadership abilities along the way.

    Confident, Compassionate, Inclusive

    Danielle Bushey

    Ever since I was young I have always valued helping others; whether it is a small act of kindness or wanting to change the world, it has forever been my top priority.

    Joyful, Inspiring, Passionate

    Dennis Catt

    I am heavily involved in the agriculture community, and I’m excited to see what other leadership positions I can take on that will make an impact on more than just my own future.

    Epic, Inclusive, Passionate

    Julian Donovan

    I have consistently dedicated time and effort to my studies, with the philosophy of working hard so that I can apply what I learn to make a positive impact.

    Engaged, Epic, Explorer

    Kaitlin Endres

    I am beyond ecstatic to have been chosen as next year's Charity Committee Commissioner, allowing me to run the committee and oversee all fundraising/awareness events we plan.

    Enthusiastic, Inspirational, Leader

    Justin Garabon

    My most cherished volunteer activity is with the Best Buddies …. Best Buddies creates friendships between adults with intellectual disabilities and student volunteers in Windsor-Essex, and promotes the inclusion of individuals with disabilities in the community.

    Caring, Mentoring, Coach

    Anna Healey

    I studied, I got pretty amazing marks, I volunteered like crazy, I went to church, I won awards, and I got on the Honour roll and lived a great life.

    Honest, Selfless, Ambitious

    Flora Jung

    I founded the non-profit organization 'Women in Science' in 2014 where, through workshops, conferences and speaker events, women and their supporters could share experiences and mentor each other.

    Mentor, Ambassador, Inquisitive

    Taylor Lambert

    I created academic support programs and put students in contact with potential employers, mentors, and services for their advancement.

    Committed, Caring, Helpful

    Michelle Liang

    I persevere to be the best and most well informed version of myself that I can be.

    Bold, Inspiring, Innovative

    Ghadeir Madlol

    I started raising awareness within my community by founding the We Make Change Program within my school in hopes of encouraging others to make a positive impact.

    Determined, Devoted, Encouraging

    Harry Orbach Miller

    I have sought out activities that stretched my limits, forced me to confront my limitations and gained the courage to overcome them, with many of these experiences being in student government.

    Self-Assured, Collaborative, Joyful

    Jake Poirier

    For Wounded Warriors Canada, I personally raised $7,181.30 making and selling birdhouses out of recycled products. Money is used to support the training of therapy dogs for Canadian Soldiers with PTSD.

    Caring, Mentoring, Humble

    Madison Ryken

    I strive to live with integrity and lead by example, with a willingness to sacrifice play time for teammates.

    Teamwork, Cooperation, Dedication

    Rachna Sharma

    I was motivated to develop a community-based program called London Promotes Health and Wellness (LPHW) with LIFE*SPIN.

    Devoted, Leader, Creative

    Maddie Shiell

    I feel happier when I know that I have improved someone else's life in some way.

    Social, Inclusive, Innovative

    Jessica Snyder

    It is my hope that I will take all of the valuable skills that I have learned throughout my life so far, and use them to bring about positive change in my community for years to come.

    Ambitious, Passionate, Inspiring

    Hayley Voort

    I have enjoyed volunteering in several elementary school classrooms over the past two years and watching the children improve over time has been a very gratifying experience.

    Diversity, Determination, Leadership

    Eileen Woolley

    It is important for a good leader to be tolerant, adaptable and enthusiastic.

    Patient, Positive, Enthusiastic

    Nicole Worozbyt

    Doing your best doesn't mean you are perfect at something; rather it is a commitment to continuously follow through with your responsibilities and going beyond the minimum.

    Cheerful, Balanced, Accountable