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    Web sites are wonderful tools. Especially when it comes to your money and all the information you need to manage it. There are lots of good ideas out there and about as many different opinions as there are Libro owners.

    We've done our very best to listen to as many of you as we can. We've researched different ideas and we've adopted what seems to work best into this brand new Libro Web Site. We've also invented some content and tools that are unique to living here and being Libro.

     All the information is easier to find, better organized and connected through Quick Links to your Coach or the Libro Contact Centre. We made the Navigation easier to follow - and we put as much information as we could within two simple clicks.

    Here's a link to the site map so you can explore all the new ideas when you get a moment.

    We didn't mess with what works.

    Your online and mobile banking access has not changed for now. We're working on the updates and enhancements that you want and those will be launched in the new year

    We also kept security and privacy front and centre during each stage of development. Libro takes those issues very seriously as do our owners.

    We added learning on every page.

    We think a great way for people to learn about managing money, investing, saving and credit is to hear it first hand from real people and real Coaches. So we've been busy filming our owner stories, embedding the best ideas in our web site content and creating ways for you to find useful information online when you need it.

    The Community/Us Section - Youth & Leadership

    When we interviewed owners in communities throughout the region, we were surprised to learn too few people knew about our involvement in Youth Leadership and Community Initiatives. So we've created a Community / Us section that will connect you and your family directly with the young people who are building projects from Sarnia to Kitchener Waterloo (and everywhere in between). 

    Coming Soon...

    Online banking is evolving to a fresh and intuitive new look soon (along with some added functionality). We're looking at ways to allow owners to customize other content to their own preferences. We're looking at new ways to connect owners and Coaches in real time. Online!

    This new Libro web site gives us the opportunity to try lots of new ideas, on a new platform with (almost) endless possibilities - and all without disrupting what you expect or the simplest path to the information you want and value.

    Welcome - we look forward to hearing your feedback and opinions. Comment below.