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    Profit Shares

    As a credit union, Libro Credit Union is a financial co-operative, which means you not only have a say in how the business is run, you share in the profit.

    Libro Credit Union pays profit shares annually to Owners, based on the profitability of the credit union and the volume of business you hold during the year. The better Libro performs, and the more business you have with Libro, the more you can earn.

    Profit Sharing Calculator

    Fill in the balance sheet below to get an estimate of what your share of the profits could be.

    Registered Deposits:

    Estimated Profit Share:*

    *Calculated based on a profit sharing rate of $0.55. Rate is based on a 2 year average and may not reflect the current profit sharing rate.

    While profit shares aren't a guarantee, Libro has a good track record of sharing profit with Owners, and sharing in this prosperity is something to look forward to when joining Libro.

    Contact your branch or the Contact Centre for more information on profit sharing at Libro Credit Union.