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Forming A Prosperous Region

2017-19 Business Plan

It's a journey. It's a calling. It's what makes us Libro.

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Growing prosperity in southwestern Ontario

Did you know?

Southwestern Ontario is home to over 2 million people.

Libro staff in a boat Libro staff in a boat
Owner family on a farm Owner family on a farm
Lighthouse Lighthouse

Did you know?

The chief crops in southwestern Ontario include corn, soybeans and wheat, while hogs, beef, and dairy are the main types of livestock production.

Did you know?

Southwestern Ontario was first settled by Europeans in the early 18th century when it was part of the Royal Province of New France.

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What sets Libro apart
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Libro intentionally differentiates where we believe prosperity stems from.
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How we'll get there
icon representing people

Leverage our Talent

A people plan to develop and
empower our staff to grow prosperity
for you and your community.

Create & Innovate

Exploring new methods of making Libro more
convenient and collaborative, transforming
how you experience banking.

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icon representing money

Activate our Resources

Enacting our resources to bring sustainable
impact to southwestern Ontario, blending our
business model with social purpose.

Enhance how we Deliver Libro

Developing innovative new ways of experiencing
Libro, while inspiring your financial happiness
through our Advice and Service.

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Where we'll be in 2019


Owner Satisfaction


Organic Growth

Total Owners

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