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    What We're Doing for Your Security Online

    Libro has made sure that your transactions are sent securely over the Internet. Read on to learn how Enhanced Security, TLS & SSL, firewalls and cookies keep your information safe.

    For more information on online fraud and how to protect yourself from it, see our Web Security page.

    Enhanced Security

    Enhanced Security further protects your personal financial information by adding steps to log into Online Banking. It involves choosing a picture and a phrase you will always see when you login to Online Banking. Additional security questions you choose and answer mean nobody else can login to your account. You can set your home computer as "safe" to skip the additional questions when you login from home. Enhanced Security is a requirement if you wish to use Interac® e-Transfer to email money to your friends or family.

    Learn more about Enhanced Security

    TLS 1.2 (Transport Layer Security)

    This is an entire suite of the latest encryption methods - created to replace the older technology of SSL 2.0 and SSL 3.0 (Secure Sockets Layer) - that protects all communications between your computer and the internet. TLS 1.2 uses the latest and most advanced mathematical methods to scramble the messages sent and received by your computer in a way that is functionally impossible for hackers to reverse. These encryption suites are industry leaders and are considered to be the strongest protection currently available. All of the latest browsers which Libro’s online banking supports, support TLS 1.2.


    These are barriers between the Internet and an organization's private, internal network that prevents "hackers" from gaining access to resources and data within the network. Our firewall monitors the communication and requests sent to our Web server and ensures that external audiences are kept out of our network - and your information.


    A cookie is an information packet that is sent back and forth from your computer to a Web server. During your Online Banking session, your encrypted cookie lets us identify you and your banking information. The cookies have an expiry time of 20 minutes; if there is no activity from your computer for 20 minutes while logged into your account, your session will end. You will be notified when your session is about to expire in order to keep your session active but if your session does expire, you will be required to login again if you wish to perform any transactions.

    What You Can do to Keep Your Computer & Accounts Secure

    1. Make sure to protect your computer with the latest security updates.
    2. Run current and up-to-date Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware software.
    3. Check your Firewall: Checking your firewall sounds complicated, but it really isn’t. Here’s how: Mac | Windows
    4. Be vigilant of all email and stay away from rogue websites. Never respond or click on any link if you're suspicious of its origin.
    5. Keep your sensitive information private, including your Libro Personal Access Code.
    6. Access Online Banking from trusted networks and devices; to safely log in from remote locations use your cellular data or VPN (Virtual Private Network).
    7. Exit out of Online Banking if you leave your computer during or after a session.
    8. Monitor your accounts regularly, and consider Online Banking Notifications to make you aware of selected transactions.

    Learn how to protect your computer with Security Updates

    What You Need for Libro’s Online Banking

    The latest browsers supporting TLS 1.2. Here is a list of supported browsers:

    logos for the major internet browsers

    Tips: Ensure Cookies and JavaScript are enabled on your system. This is the default for the major browsers so you should not need to make any changes, unless, of course you have disabled them in the past.